Poem By: Abiodun Iyanuoluwa

Did I leave?
I thought you could feel me,
Cause my heart constantly longed,
And communication with yours,
Maybe without words, but it did.

My heart performed all the actions,
Never my words,
Why mistake my heart for blankets,
Of a truth, words it knows not,
But comfort is its strength.

Thank goodness! A wind of caution blew,
Reality struck! Never will I eat of,
This bowl that I dish to her,
A blow of confusion, lingering questions,
Uncertainty and a shadow of us.

Swimming in redemption,
Racing towards you, answering every questions,
Setting my muse on fire,
Appearing forward not moving towards an end,
Screaming ‘I am here’

Light have come dear old friend,
Every lingering shadow vanishing,
Embrace the radiance of my hug,
Smile at the brilliance of my words,
Glow in the intensity of my love.

You are left with me!
We are growing together to age!
We are drowning in friendship without a saviour!
Our shadows interlocked, in your embrace,
Your gift, your chalks of hope.